52 Ways To Keep Yourself Moving Throughout the Whole Year

  Let me share with you effective ways on how you can keep an active lifestyle, one step at a time. These are the things I do to motivate myself to move more everyday, from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep (even when I am out of town). Try apply each tip every week for the whole year (we have 52 weeks in one year). Morning routine 1. As ...

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3 Practical Strategies to Control Cravings

I respect everyone’s diet. I cannot force my clients, friends and family to always follow my way of eating because I believe that each person has a unique physiological make-up, lifestyle, food preferences, beliefs and goals. If a certain diet has been working for you for quite sometime now and you can confidently tell yourself that you can sustain the plan until the rest of your life, then go for ...

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My Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

Why do some people keep on repeating the same “New Year’s Resolution” every year? Here are the reasons I’ve identified:    “I will lose weight this year.”   Resolutions are too general and less action-oriented. If you want to lose weight, then enumerate specific action plans that can lead you to your goal. “I will not eat junk foods anymore.”  Unrealistic resolutions brought about by perfectionist attitude can make you abandon your behaviour change efforts ...

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Positive Body

I’ve been contemplating about writing a wellness blog for sometime now. Due to personal reasons, I needed to rest from work last month (December 2017) and that’s when I finally decided to pursue a website dedicated to those who want to take diet and exercise to the next level. As a lifestyle and fitness coach for almost 18 years, I’ve witnessed how sedentary lifestyle, weight obsession, overexercising and yo-yo dieting ...

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