Electric Studio – The Most Positive Workout Experience

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The first batch of Electric Studio instructors: Raisa, Migs, T.Money, Kris, Yessa, Mel, Rache, Abel, Mitch & Armand

It was in September 2014 when I had a short meeting with Kristina Sy, the founder of Electric Studio, to discuss about about the opening of the first boutique indoor cycling studio in the country. I am the type of a fitness instructor who is always very enthusiastic in discovering the latest and effective fitness trends, so I decided to show up for the Electric Studio audition with my husband, Armand, who is also a fitness coach. When we made it to the final list of instructors, we had the chance to try the master class taught by the New York- based Filipina fitness model and former indoor cycling instructor, MC Barao. Oh wow, it was one of the most unique and powerful classes I have ever attended!  Although 2014 was one of the busiest times of my fitness career (attending to clients, teaching classes, conducting a weight management study, etc.), I wholeheartedly prepared my life, mind and body for the whole process of becoming a fully-fledged Electric Studio instructor.

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Our happy place

I have joined and taught almost all types of group fitness workouts since 2000 (step and hi-lo aerobics, aerokickboxing, punch bag aerobics, Final Cuts, Les Mills Body Combat, Body Attack and Body Vive, yogilates, group Pilates, Zumba, Piloxing, Piyo and other fusion classes), but it’s only with Electric Studio that I always encounter a magical fitness experience, making me fall in love with every class over and over, even right at this very moment. There are already numerous indoor cycling studios worldwide executing the same concept of pedalling to the beat while incorporating fun moves, but what makes Electric Studio workouts unique are the deeper meanings and stories inside that candle-lit room, surrounded with positive vibes and electrifying beats.

Inner strength and beauty 

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An empowered class

During the class, we encourage the riders to focus on their positive energies and empower themselves with their minds and hearts, instead of directing their thoughts on losing weight or achieving a perfect body. Each rider is welcomed with enthusiasm regardless of age, fitness level, body size and personality. The progress of each rider goes beyond how long the sprints can be endured or how a complicated series of choreography can be precisely followed, because regardless of the physical strength, the rider always ends up feeling at their best, empowered, renewed and happy.

Genuine playlists 

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The “Love and Rock” E90 themed ride

As instructors, we always have the freedom to play our most powerful and favorite songs that can bring the whole class to another level of euphoria. Every class playlist is very well-taught-of and a genuine product of an instructor’s life experiences, unique personality and musical taste. The personality of each class is the over-all result of the instructor’s passionate mind, physical strength and current mood and intention.  I can always share my thoughts, beliefs, feelings and dreams to all the riders in one whole class. I guess, this experience empowers us as instructors, because our genuineness is always followed by our riders’ respect and acceptance.


The Greatest Showman ride

Aside from fitness gains, Electric Studio riders book the classes, and the instructors keep on teaching (and keeps on coming back after some needed breaks) to experience positivity again and again. From the time you walk in the studio, you will be welcomed with smiles (and hugs) from the crew, instructors and fellow riders. Inside the Electric room, we as instructors are always thankful for all the riders showing up, directly and indirectly connecting with everyone else in the room and freely expressing themselves during the 45 to 60-minute ride. Then after each class, you can always feel a different kind of happiness that fills your heart, mind and body – enough to reverse all the negativities you just had right before entering the studio.

Bonding and connections 

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Electric bonding among instructors, riders and crew during Guia’s birthday ride

Since every class is unique, instructors, crew and riders will always continue to share their new experiences inside and outside the studio. New relationships are always formed. Existing relationships among friends, couples, families are also strengthened because a different level of connection just happens after every class as a result of communication, positive emotions and a common positive interest.

Inspiring and emotional 

Inspiring instructors, electric studio, positive body, positivebodyph, mitch felipe, mitch felipe mendoza, fitness, indoor cycling
Electric riders who are now instructors (Nico, Gigo, Wolfe, Thea, Patrish & Kyo) with the “originals” (Yessa and Kris)

The contagious positive energy inside the Electric room can create life-changing events. You can always hear stories about riders who initially struggled during their very first rides, and are currently Electric Studio instructors, continuously motivating and inspiring people.

electric rooftop ride, electric studio, positive body, positivebodyph, mitch felipe, mitch felipe mendoza, fitness, indoor cycling
Electric Rooftop Ride – one of the most memorable nights of Bea, Marilen and Nat

The classes can always become emotional.  There have been a lot of memorable stories when riders and instructors became teary-eyed because of the strong, overflowing feelings experienced during the ride. The songs can really remind you of a significant life experience, the words of the instructor can reawaken your senses and the over-all ride experience can bring you to a whole new world.

Tips for beginners

electric studio, positive body, positivebodyph, mitch felipe, mitch felipe mendoza, fitness, indoor cycling
Electric Studio Indoor Cycling
  • If you have an existing medical condition, consult your medical doctor before joining a cardio fitness class that can be too intense for your body.
  • Have enough rest and practice proper nutrition and hydration before joining a class.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled class. Prioritize safety by listening to the instructor’s class orientation. Feel free to ask questions regarding proper bike set-up, turning the resistance knob and proper form and execution before the class begins.
  • Focus on how your body reacts while pedalling with the music. If the intensity is too much for you, feel free to saddle down anytime. You should be able to finish the class without overexerting especially at the first part of the class. You don’t need to move to the beat and follow the choreography, just enjoy your first ride.
  • The sight of advanced riders beside or in front of you can be overwhelming. One thing is for sure, these riders and even the instructors experienced exactly the same thing just like any other beginner like you. You can progress one step at a time. Just be patient and don’t give up.
The Electric family

To experience a magical fitness experience, visit www.electricstudio.ph.

Mitch Felipe-Mendoza

Mitch created the website positivebody.ph as a result of her intense passion for healthy living and wellness. She has been in the health and fitness industry for more than 18 years. She holds a master's degree and pyschology and is a licensed physical therapist. She is an American Council Council on Exercise (ACE) certified health and lifestyle coach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

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