52 Ways To Keep Yourself Moving Throughout the Whole Year


Ask your spouse for an active date

Let me share with you effective ways on how you can keep an active lifestyle, one step at a time. These are the things I do to motivate myself to move more everyday, from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep (even when I am out of town). Try apply each tip every week for the whole year (we have 52 weeks in one year).

Morning routine

1. As soon as you wake up, give yourself at least 3-5 minutes to meditate, picture your day and  remind yourself about the importance of having an active day.

2. After taking a bath, don’t forget to wear your fitness tracker (or use phone as pedometer).

3. Prepare your pre- and post-workout meals like a peanut butter sandwich, banana, sweet potato or wholegrain bar.

4. Grab your exercise bag with towel, water bottle, rubber shoes and workout clothes (prepared the night before).

5. Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I will make every move count.”

While at work

6. Climb up and down the stairs. Progress gradually by adding a flight of stairs every week or every month (depends on your fitness level)

7. Take one-minute walk (80-100 steps) breaks every 15-30 minutes. 

8. Walk to the farthest restroom.

9. Do simple office chair workouts like dips, stand-and-sit, seated ab knee tuck, plank on chair and lunge in place  (one minute per workout every hour).

10. Set cues that will remind yourself to drink water frequently.

11. Get at least 30 minutes of continuous workout that can raise your heart rate, you can break it  up into three 10-minute brisk walks during the day (early morning, lunch break and afternoon snack).

12. Feel excited to do an errand because for sure you can accumulate more steps.

13. Finish work on time so you can surely stick to your scheduled exercise.

Before a workout session

14. Motivate yourself by thinking about the positive consequences of a great and enjoyable workout you are about to experience.

15. Check your exercise bag (socks, shoes, clothes, towel, water, earphone and workout snack)

16. Hydrate and eat a pre-workout snack 1-2 hours before.

17. Prepare a workout playlist depending on your music taste and mood.

At the gym or workout studio

Workout while listening to your favorite music

18. Drink small amounts of water every 15-20 minutes.

19. Consider getting a fitness coach for a safe and effective workout.

20. Balance your routine by doing cardio, strength, core and flexibility workouts, oh and don’t forget your warm-up and cool-down.

21. Listen to your body, check your heart rate and move according to how your body feels, you have full control on how to adjust your workout intensity.

22. Focus well on your workout, not your phone, if ever, just take a very quick exercise selfie.

23. Be aware about how you feel after a workout and recognize how it positively affects your well-being.

24. Eat a light snack 30 minutes after the workout to avoid hunger pangs.

While at home

Do bodyweight exercises anytime, anywhere

25. Have a simple body-weight exercise routine that you can do anytime (5-10 minutes)

26. Do simple exercises or use the treadmill (or any cardio machine) while watching the television.

27. Follow safe and simple exercise videos that you can do on your own.

28. Do 30-second to one-minute plank and make this a habit.

29. Set aside time to do household chores (you can surely burn more calories!).

30. Actively play with your pets, kids or spouse.

On weekends

Use the stairs instead of the escalator

31. Use the stairs instead of escalator or elevator. But if you will use  the escalator, instead of just standing, walk up and down.

32. Walk more while inside the mall. 

33. While inside the supermarket, carry your grocery baskets instead of using a cart.

34. Ask your spouse for an active morning date.

35. Reward your body with at least an hour of massage – this will prepare your muscles for the week ahead.

While on vacation

36. Create an active itinerary by choosing adventure trips like hiking, biking and other outdoor sports.

37. Save money, avoid the traffic, explore the sceneries and burn extra calories by walking more.

38. Try to go to exercise studios and experience workouts such as indoor cycling, dance or circuit training.

39. Visit at least one park where you can enjoy walking, jogging or running.

40. Use the hotel gym or just do a 5 to 10-minute room workout before you leave the hotel.

At the beach

Enjoy your beach workout

41. Experience bodyweight workouts, Pilates or yoga on the beach, you can do this solo or look for classes.

42. Try water sports like swimming, kayaking, surfing or paddleboarding.

43. Enjoy walking barefoot on sand, then try to swing your arms so your heart rate can go higher (you burn more calories with upper body movements).

44. During parties, dance as long as you can.

Before the day ends

45. Check your fitness tracker to see if you’ve reached your goal steps (aim for 10,000 steps), if not, try to walk more by doing your errands, and while at home you can use the stairs, jog or dance in place.

46. Eat a balanced and healthy dinner so you can recover effectively and prepare your body for the next day.

47. Share with someone about your fitness accomplishment for the day.

48. Log daily workouts on your fitness or lifestyle journal.

49. Don’t forget to charge your fitness tracker, phone and laptop.

50. Prepare your gym clothes and bag for the next day.

51. Set a time limit for social media or television until 10pm so you can get 7-8 hours of sleep.

52. Reflect and feel good about your fitness accomplishments for the day and be excited to face tomorrow.

Mitch Felipe-Mendoza

Mitch created the website as a result of her intense passion for healthy living and wellness. She has been in the health and fitness industry for more than 18 years. She holds a master's degree and pyschology and is a licensed physical therapist. She is an American Council Council on Exercise (ACE) certified health and lifestyle coach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

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