Why Less is More: Your Ultimate Guide to Minimalist Eating

I always find ways on how to simplify my life so I can clearly focus on my real needs and direct my energy on what truly matters to me. Living simpler means staying away from unnecessary stressors, spending time wisely and letting go of the things and people who can drain the energy and sabotage one’s health and positivity. Though I still need to work on simplifying other areas of my life, at this moment, I can confidently share simple ways on how to be a minimalist eater. Minimalist eating can positively impact your over-all health, weight and lifestyle because the less “unwanted food extras” you consume, the more nourishment your body gets.

1. Buy only the foods that you really need

It is best to visit the supermarket while you are still full, so you can always prioritize the healthiest foods that your body really needs. It’s always good to purchase foods that are worth your money, foods that are pleasant to your senses and beneficial to your well-being. A bag of processed chips can temporarily satisfy your cravings, but think also on how it can negatively affect your health long-term. Choose whole foods for your snack such as almonds, cashews, boiled banana (saba), sweet potato and corn.

2. Choose food products with the simplest ingredients


Always choose fresh, organic, whole and unprocessed foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and lentils. Choose whole-grain cereals and natural peanut butter containing one to two ingredients only. As much as possible, buy natural food ingredients that you can use to create healthy recipes such as fresh soups and sauces, instead of buying ready-to-eat, high-sodium canned soups and pasta sauces.  But when buying packaged foods, make it a habit to read the nutrition labels and choose only the products with the most natural ingredients and with least sodium, fat, sugar and additives.

3. Prepare quick, but easy meals

Oatmeal with banana, natural peanut butter and sunflower seeds

You can save time and effort by creating simple, but satisfying recipes. This strategy requires advance planning and making sure that you always have the available ingredients. You can always train your taste buds to choose simple instead of overpowering flavours. Minimize the use oil by using non-stick pan or air fryer so you can prepare meals without deep-frying. Season your dishes with vinegar, lemon, herbs and spices instead of butter, sugar, soy sauce and fish sauce. Try to prepare less than 5 ingredients per meal. For breakfast, you can prepare a quick cooking gluten-free oats with banana, seeds, peanut butter and coconut oil (5-minute preparation). Then for lunch or dinner, you can mix your favourite sautéed veggies, lentils, seafood, chicken or lean meat with grains and seasoned with salt, pepper, herbs and spices (15-20 minute preparation).

4. Order simple dishes that you can only eat

Avocado, poached eggs and tomatoes on whole-grain bread

When eating out, choose steamed, grilled, boiled, roasted and sauteed instead of  deep-fried, breaded and creamed. Always go for dishes with natural ingredients. Extra oils and rich sauces are extra calories that you don’t really need.  Read the menu description or ask the waiter regarding your dish selection before you order. Try not to leave room for desserts, but if ever you will treat yourself with one, choose the simplest one with the least sugar, cream, cheese and butter.

5.  Choose water and natural drinks


Liquid calories can sabotage your weight control goals. So take every opportunity to drink water instead of sodas and sweetened beverages wherever you are. Go for coconut water or create juices with natural ingredients like a smoothie made of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid alcoholic beverages or set a consumption limit for each occasion (a glass of red wine per day).

Mitch Felipe-Mendoza

Mitch created the website as a result of her intense passion for healthy living and wellness. She has been in the health and fitness industry for more than 18 years. She holds a master's degree and pyschology and is a licensed physical therapist. She is an American Council Council on Exercise (ACE) certified health and lifestyle coach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

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